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From the famous model KateMoss and Daphne Guinness, to the excellent star Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, everybody loves Cheap Christian Louboutin. Many stars on their wedding dress shoes is Christian Louboutin heels, allow theirselves to become more charming and sexy!

Women like to wear Red Christian Louboutin high heels, because the high heels can increase height, make up the shortcoming of short, is not short of body, wear high-heeled shoes also can appear more slender body. Wear high heels, mainly with forefoot weight, the higher the heel, the body weight will squeeze more into the front feet.Front feet bone is horizontally arranged, bearing the sustained by the power of the muscles and ligaments, belongs to the flexible structure, actually is not suitable for bearing.Force too much, so, the foot bones easy to deformation, symptoms of hallux valgus, hammer toes.Higher than 6 cm high heels for wearing walk on time not more than 2 hours.

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The study found that women, 5 days a week, compared to wear Christian Louboutin Outlet high-heeled shoes to wear shoes with flat crus muscle will shorten 13% two years later, and Achilles tendon thickening and hardening.Wear high heels for a long time people are accustomed to the thick short Achilles tendon and the combination of muscle fibers, to wear flat shoes, muscles need to adapt to the new force state, will cause the calf discomfort or even pain. Suggest you wear different height high-heeled shoes and wearing flat shoes rotation, avoid wearing a high heels for a long time.

A pair of Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale is the most important step to choose good shoes, remember that you are buying shoes for walking, not just beautiful, it is best to wear shoes to go five minutes back and forth, you can really feel that you put it later actual experience, when a pair of shoes, we must try to stand, because the standing leg slightly larger than a little when sitting. Meanwhile, when a pair of shoes can bring their own stockings clean, easy to wear off when a pair of shoes, tried to avoid the embarrassment of shoes perspiration stains appear. Most people are not as large as two feet, so that when a pair of shoes two feet should try and follow the slightly larger leg better shoe selection. In addition, according to shoe size can not simply choose to buy shoes or on behalf of the trustee, be sure to personally try, because different brands or styles are also different models of standard, specific shoe size vary, the only way to choose the most satisfied with the shoes.