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Buy Christian Louboutin Heels shoes, at the first to see the size. Some people in order to make the foot look more petite, choose cheap christian louboutin too tight, then the salesman might tell you that a few days to wear comfortable, do not believe this nonsense, shoes can not I “grew up” in. I should tell you when a pair of shoes will determine whether your cheap christian louboutin heels fit, the choice than their feet on the 1st or half size shoes will make your feet a lot more comfortable. The ideal size should be 10 toes are free activities in the shoe with comfortable cushions and modest interior space. If the toe by toe withstand, but also between the heel and into his shoes to help distance a finger on the size just right.

Put uk christian louboutin high heels on the ground, please press the toe area, if you find the shoe for 1 cm cock, so congratulations you, you bought a pair of good shoes. Christian louboutin high-heeled shoes so your feet because of the high and dashed forward, pouty forepart can avoid this kind of pressure, thus reduce the toes.So when buying shoes must look at the shoes pointed up don’t become warped.It certainly isn’t toe the skip the better, had become warped shoes will make your toes feel uncomfortable.

Some shoes in pursuit of aesthetics, the shoe heel part design of thin, this kind of shoes is also very bad.Too thin, shoe heel, will lose the ball protection lead to injury.Sole is very thin, the reaction force on the ground to become absorbed by the body, so for a long time to wear, easy to cause the forefoot pain.This pain occurs mostly in the third and fourth broken metatarsal bones in the middle of the toe, because of the metatarsal oppressed for a long time, the foot bones are part of the nerve damage effect through here, enlargement, lead to the surrounding tissue hyperplasia, or plantar nerve inflammation triggered pains. Good christian louboutin outlet shoes heel thickness to ensure that at least 0.5 cm long.