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Many people in the choice of Christian Louboutin Outlet high-heeled shoes, mostly to see the height, texture and look, look at the color, in fact heel style is most in need of attention part. Different styles heels for different body, a different outfit. Christian Louboutin Outlet have a large range of pumps, sandals and boots to choose. With the variety available in style, type and colour of Christian Louboutin shoes, you’ll find enough options to change the way you walk.

The iron-like exaggerated style Chanel suit with a miniskirt with Cheap Christian Louboutin, make legs look more slender. However, if feeling too bulky, you can also choose high behind the front thin design, more comfortable to wear than traditional heels. In addition, this season MarcJacobs in LV and its own brand, the wedge heel hollowed design, it is so light that it looks very good ideas.Traditional fine with the best embodies the sexy and feminine, but also the highest requirements of the wearer, legs too thick, foot-shaped thin enough to wear women will not look good.

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Cheap Christian Louboutin 10 cm high heels very seductive, especially fine with evening shoes, most of them remain at this height. However, to keep up with 10 cm high move freely, not everyone can do. However, you can also choose popular in recent years with the money in front of crude booster, to reduce the degree of anxiety, it seems quite elegant.

In recent years, the hot wedges, Christian Louboutin Outlet high heels make record highs, 14 cm super high heels is most appropriate and super mini skirt with style, can make more slender body lines, so that women produce super sexy charm. If you do not want to be too sexy, but also with wide-leg pants with, resulting in a tall upright effect.

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If we ask why the girls like to wear Cheap Christian Louboutin high heels, they will say wear them more beautiful, more aesthetic. However, the United States is intuitive science-based. In mathematics there is a word called the Golden Section: refers to a segment divided into two parts, so that the original line segment ratio is equal to the longer segment longer than the shorter segments that are equal to the number of the golden section 0.618. If the human body is likened to a line, then the average person’s torso (the length of the navel to the soles of the feet) and the height is less than 0.618. And high heels just to make up that gap of 0.58-0.60. Thus the women can get the best of beauty.

After the women wear Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet high heels, the body will naturally forward, in order to maintain stability on the need to adjust the body to achieve balance. Eventually stretch waist, after heel lift toes pointed, feet and even a line, people closer to the golden ratio. Although it looks very elegant tall and straight, but in fact, this time the body is in a state of fatigue.

In addition, from the force, the different heights of the point shoes are different. 3-5 cm is appropriate, with the higher, the more difficult to achieve a balance, 7 cm is the limit, even when you go down to about 10 cm high, is difficult to maintain body balance, very easy to fall. So when women wear Cheap Christian Louboutin UK high heels, heel height and beauty must find the best balance point (4-5 cm) in order to show both curves, but also make the body suffered damage to a minimum.

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Someone described Christian Louboutin Outlet heels: It was a doomed rotating dance life, tall, elegance and charm. Charm with a look forward to both persistent eye, like Enchanting Eva passionate, obsessed chapter, interpretation of the decisive gone brilliant; she was sought after, is worship, fantasy is a retort graceful swans; elegant and graceful waltz dance floor noble Venus, she is a co-created numerous glass slipper dream girl, the kind of thorough temptation to heart, that touch of stunning beauty, no one to resist.

Lines and comfort, choose Cheap Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes have to look at whether women and their own match, choose a suitable own shoes. Christian Louboutin is a name, is also a brand, is synonymous with high heels. Christian Louboutin has a cool, charm, unique high cooling fan. Products only high heels, exquisite sense of line, extravagant style known. Inspired by the image of a woman to make a real and full of feminine charm, and has been for this fight! Unique Christian Louboutin shoes that attention to detail and unique style. Independent from the mainstream of the best. Expression woman with high heels sexiest, most charm, the most confident, most independent side. Perfect for art and bigotry, unassuming alternative but do not exaggerate. Christian Louboutin only Ganai, dare to hate independent avant-garde women born just to enjoy the arts understand fashion women live.

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Christian Louboutin’s latest Clair de lune series of shoes, rallying from beautiful moonlight to bring the inspiration, with the magic and bright visual effect, in fact, is a dolphin in a crystal, the perfect process to produce a gorgeous Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes. Many classic Christian Louboutin in this series, from the high heels, flat shoes, slippers to sports shoes. Magic is the moonlight reflected in a variety of men’s and women’s products, ruby, rose and orange colorful crystal decorate gorgeous crystal and solemn low-key vamp emit blue and silver tone.

Christian Louboutin Outlet specializes in the development of new crystal mosaic technology to achieve such a distinctive shiny effect. Artisans of different size, different color of crystal meticulously hand inlaid on the fine material, such as the black skin, color Python skin, imagine the perfect effect — the night sky in the beautiful stars, or embrace and the enthusiasm of the vamp. Crystal is a Christian Louboutin logo elements, each season are for us to bring full of fresh chic details, the 2016 summer series. We can also see the elegant shades heel design.

Christian Louboutin UK Sale special invited Paper Fashion Katie Rodgers to create series of hand-painted watercolor and GIF dynamic figure.This series of works of art in the moonlight series for inspiration, depicting Clair De Lune subtle style, crystal on shoes fast jump, like a comet across the moonlit sky. Clair De Lune will include So Kate, Dorissima, Pigalle FolliesFlat, Louis Woman, Boat, Flat, and Gondolastrass, Louis Strass and New No Limit.

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Red Christian Louboutin High-heeled Shoes like shoes coated with lipstick, let a person unconsciously to kiss, plus exposed toes, is very sexy. The red sole seems to have a magic, let the delicate woman heart, more confident and sexy woman show in front of a man. Any woman who passes through Christian Louboutin’s shoes will fall into a comfortable feeling, while he is used to express his ideas in a distinctive way. Slender high-heeled, red sole is Christian Louboutin heels label. His experimental art design in leather shoes manufacturing field is unique.

Christian Louboutin, a high-profile, assertive attitude, change the restrained advocating traditional shoe designers, can in a short period of time quickly famous, his “sell” charm. His shoes may not be the most comfortable in the world, but it must be the most unique. Juvenile period of experience in the nightclub also affected his whole design style, Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes favorite with all sorts of gorgeous colors, especially peep toe style won his favor, with sole Nama flag red, with high heels showed the sexiest woman, swaying side. No wonder so many stars even willing to free his endorsement, show only belongs to the Christian Louboutin style on the red carpet.

Red high heels are women’s symbol, is the direct source of the superiority of women. Women want fashion, you have to wear red shoes. So wear red Christian Louboutin High-heeled Outlet shoes woman always from a bundle of faceless woman heap renews the out, the absolute standout feeling. This woman in high spirit, make people surprised cha in high and vigorous spirits, her demeanor, even more obsessed with her charm. Therefore, a pair of red shoes, highlighting the overall demeanor of a woman, expression on her face and gait, a show of hands a touzu all in red bottom shoes control.

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Through the familiar street, Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet Windows, black, white, red, pink, all kinds of high heels, they are proud, delicate, noble, I smiled, remembering the ever —

The age of seventeen, Taipei 101 at night watching TV, spotlight flashed, gathered at the Western model offered dazzling pair of feet high heels, slender body shall hold flowing skirts, graceful girl walking high heels, I smashed the barrel of money, breath ran a shoe Christian Louboutin Outlet UK, a greedy but respectfully watched both Cheap Christian Louboutin heels: with fine and coarse heel; wedge heel, nailing there fish head, including boots, dazzling my eyes, I couldn’t put it down…

Finally, I take a fancy to a pair of Red Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes, slim heel, ribbon on his ankle, sexy. Pay the money, I can’t wait to put on those sexy red high-heeled shoes, canvas shoes thrown into the bag, stood up, as if never grow up being taken care of my parents, I grew up at a draught, head high head, straight chest, surprisingly mature self-confidence.Out of the mall, I firmly believe that I am the focus of all people. I have always believed that a good pair of Christian Louboutin high-heeled shoes can lead me to some good places to share experiences with me, no matter at that stage of life, regardless of body fat thin, shoes with me forever.

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If you say one of the most amazing single product, then I think we would guess high heels, put on after it became sexy, charming, dazzling confidence increased along with the heel. Cheap Christian Louboutin High-heeled shoes is the best gift for woman. Christian Louboutin, which is founded by a French high-heeled shoes designer Christian Louboutin.Red bottom is its brand identity.

Mr Christian Louboutin was born in a worker’s family in Paris in 1963 and all of the special experience of glory began in childhood.At the age of 14 to drop out of school to work in the nightclub, and in the work, for beautiful dancers dancing shoes obsession with the obsession, he said that he that is only an idea “for the dancing girls, the shoes is one of the most important, should not only comfortable, but also very beautiful, sexy, can let people noticed at first sight. I at that time, the idea is very simple, is to let the girls put on my make, than their feet more comfortable and beautiful shoes.”

Many people think that, in the Cheap Christian Louboutin Outlet brand to create the beginning, “red shoes” is already his mark, it is not. Initially he did not want to wipe the soles red, but each time the design of shoes when he was headache for the Logo. Once, he saw the female assistant to the toes nail polish, red color suddenly stimulated his inspiration, being painted in red on the soles, I did not expect, the effect is surprisingly good, so far, it Erotic Duopo this wiping becomes Christian Louboutin red flag, let him in the limelight. In the interview, he has so described the impulse: “red soles to the shoes painted like the lipstick, people do not consciously want to kiss, coupled with the toes exposed, it is very sexy.”

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From the famous model KateMoss and Daphne Guinness, to the excellent star Beyonce, Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna, everybody loves Cheap Christian Louboutin. Many stars on their wedding dress shoes is Christian Louboutin heels, allow theirselves to become more charming and sexy!

Women like to wear Red Christian Louboutin high heels, because the high heels can increase height, make up the shortcoming of short, is not short of body, wear high-heeled shoes also can appear more slender body. Wear high heels, mainly with forefoot weight, the higher the heel, the body weight will squeeze more into the front feet.Front feet bone is horizontally arranged, bearing the sustained by the power of the muscles and ligaments, belongs to the flexible structure, actually is not suitable for bearing.Force too much, so, the foot bones easy to deformation, symptoms of hallux valgus, hammer toes.Higher than 6 cm high heels for wearing walk on time not more than 2 hours.

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The study found that women, 5 days a week, compared to wear Christian Louboutin Outlet high-heeled shoes to wear shoes with flat crus muscle will shorten 13% two years later, and Achilles tendon thickening and hardening.Wear high heels for a long time people are accustomed to the thick short Achilles tendon and the combination of muscle fibers, to wear flat shoes, muscles need to adapt to the new force state, will cause the calf discomfort or even pain. Suggest you wear different height high-heeled shoes and wearing flat shoes rotation, avoid wearing a high heels for a long time.

A pair of Cheap Christian Louboutin Sale is the most important step to choose good shoes, remember that you are buying shoes for walking, not just beautiful, it is best to wear shoes to go five minutes back and forth, you can really feel that you put it later actual experience, when a pair of shoes, we must try to stand, because the standing leg slightly larger than a little when sitting. Meanwhile, when a pair of shoes can bring their own stockings clean, easy to wear off when a pair of shoes, tried to avoid the embarrassment of shoes perspiration stains appear. Most people are not as large as two feet, so that when a pair of shoes two feet should try and follow the slightly larger leg better shoe selection. In addition, according to shoe size can not simply choose to buy shoes or on behalf of the trustee, be sure to personally try, because different brands or styles are also different models of standard, specific shoe size vary, the only way to choose the most satisfied with the shoes.

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“Sex and the City” where Carrie classic lines: “Standing on high heels, I can see the world” Kelly said:. “Love will be gone, but the shoes always in” Monroe Inspired by Ferragamo (cosmetics, handbags) of thin heels, said: “We do not know who first invented it, but all women should be grateful to him.” UK Christian Louboutin heels red rivet, let you become the focus.Rivet punk wind shoes, color is more brighter one short skirt shorts, or a pencil pants, successfully create fashionable rock style, let you show wild beauty.

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Cheap Christian Louboutin “Catch” the selling point for a turn-on, sexy and very narcissism, imagine a man with her red soles, the line of sight, women would very willing to pay. “Red sole” recognition degree is high, it’s another benefit is let female stars free advertising. See the red sole is, there is no need to find the logo. It’s hard not to be sexy in a pair of UK Christian Louboutin high heels. Women wear high heels will become sexy, extension of leg ministry line, the heel is the sexiest part.The posture of the shoes on, it touches, even, consciously will be corrected.

Christian Louboutin UK Sale red shoes like a little black dress, become every woman’s dream and a must-have item. Not only Hollywood actress who’s fanatical pursuit of red-soled shoes, look up to the people it is aristocratic party essential thing. But classic elegance with a touch of modesty is this pair of red-soled shoes to bring our feelings.

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