Christian Louboutin Outlet Latest Clair De Lune Series

Christian Louboutin’s latest Clair de lune series of shoes, rallying from beautiful moonlight to bring the inspiration, with the magic and bright visual effect, in fact, is a dolphin in a crystal, the perfect process to produce a gorgeous Cheap Christian Louboutin shoes. Many classic Christian Louboutin in this series, from the high heels, flat shoes, slippers to sports shoes. Magic is the moonlight reflected in a variety of men’s and women’s products, ruby, rose and orange colorful crystal decorate gorgeous crystal and solemn low-key vamp emit blue and silver tone.

Christian Louboutin Outlet specializes in the development of new crystal mosaic technology to achieve such a distinctive shiny effect. Artisans of different size, different color of crystal meticulously hand inlaid on the fine material, such as the black skin, color Python skin, imagine the perfect effect — the night sky in the beautiful stars, or embrace and the enthusiasm of the vamp. Crystal is a Christian Louboutin logo elements, each season are for us to bring full of fresh chic details, the 2016 summer series. We can also see the elegant shades heel design.

Christian Louboutin UK Sale special invited Paper Fashion Katie Rodgers to create series of hand-painted watercolor and GIF dynamic figure.This series of works of art in the moonlight series for inspiration, depicting Clair De Lune subtle style, crystal on shoes fast jump, like a comet across the moonlit sky. Clair De Lune will include So Kate, Dorissima, Pigalle FolliesFlat, Louis Woman, Boat, Flat, and Gondolastrass, Louis Strass and New No Limit.

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